How Does The Ruger Indicator Work?

The Ruger Indicator buys dips of the predetermined trend and builds a good average buy price/ break even price using up to 10 pyramiding orders.

Once the indicator has built up a good position it then has a dynamic trailing take profit and stop loss that constantly adjust to the market climate and trend. The indicator is built to run on the 1 minute time frame to ensure there is no lag/delay when receiving signals. 

The above strategy has been used manually for over 2 years and is tried and tested, The Ruger Indicator simply automates said strategy. 

You’ve probably seen indicators that look like this -->

Indicators that simply turn from long to short with no in between.

In my experience these indicators are either very delayed/lagging with their signals or they are just a pure scam and simply do not work at all.

The reason for this is quite simple, there is no way to accurately determine market reversals/pivot points constantly, it's simply not possible, especially in the cryptocurrency markets.

Trading reversals also means trading against the current trend and waiting for the market to pivot, which means shorting an upward trending market or longing a downtrending market - you’re betting against the house, which often is higher risk and can lead to devastating losses. 

Why is The Ruger Indicator different?

The Ruger Indicator identifies the current trend of the market and simply buys the small dips within said trend thus we are reducing risk by trading with the trend, not against it.

We also use trailing stop losses to reduce any losses in the event of a spontaneous trend change.

For more details on how the Indicator works please go to our results page.